26 Feb 2016

Divine Mercy 33 – Pittsburg

St. Marys-Colgan High School students made a retreat on Divine Mercy  Sunday weekend.   Always present is the Divine Mercy image.  Many smiley faces hold “rosaries” and The Chaplet prayer cards provided by Divine Mercy Advocates.



Divine Mercy Advocates adopted the Wichita Diocese seminarians who were attending Pittsburg State University studying Spanish for 8 weeks of the summer.  Each week, advocates made contact with them with special “goodies” including a framed picture of Divine Mercy along with a “Farwell” cake at the end of the program. Advocates adopted one seminarian as a prayer partner.


Celebration cake presented to Knights of Columbus members prior to sharing information on installation of Outdoor 12’ Divine Mercy  Free standing Image. The purpose was to seek, support and labor this Project.


Installation of The Divine Mercy image by Divine Mercy Advocates and Knights of Columbus volunteers.  Image is located in the Catholic section of the cemetery near the monument of “Unborn Children.” Location is on the well-traveled Centennial Street near the Shopping Center.


Divine Mercy Advocates prepare for Divine Mercy Sunday with educational materials, bulletin announcements, decorations and recitation of the the Divine Mercy Chaplet.