08 Sep 2015

Divine Mercy – Daley Plaza

This large 2 sided unit is intended to mobilize the Divine Mercy Image.  The deluxe image has withstood the test of time. It’s produced on a durable outdoor material.  It is affixed to a swinging frame allowing it to recenter itself after encountering wind resistance.  Used for outreach to promote the message and image of Divine Mercy. Intended to be used for public prayers, festivals, and parish or public organizational events.


Locations previously displayed include:

  • 9 Day Divine Mercy Novena – Daley Center Plaza/Downtown/Chicago, IL
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe/Des Plaines, IL
  • 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil/Chicago, IL
  • St Paul of the Cross Campus/Park Ridge, IL
  • St. Joseph the Worker/Wheeling, IL
  • Catholic Men’s Conference/Milwaukee, WI
  • Marytown – Welcome Pilgrims/Mundelein, IL
  • St. Mary of the Lake Seminary/Mundelein, IL
  • Many other Church & Festival sites/Chicago metro location


1.  Divine mercy – Daley Plaza